OrganoWood’s product family is being continuously developed for new applications and currently consists of OrganoWood modified timber decking, and the liquid products; OrganoWood 01 Protection, OrganoWood 02 Repellent and OrganoWood 03. Cleaner. OrganoWood products can be used to give wood both an effective flame retardant and an improved protection against fungal attacks.

Treated Wood

OrganoWood products are transparent. Timber and wood which have been treated with OrganoWood will show no major change in color but may show a slightly deeper shade and a certain glow. However, some types of wood may show an alteration of color more than others resulting in a slightly darker shade.

Tests & Certificates

The products OrganoWood sell and market have all undergone and are undergoing numerous tests for flame retardant properties and rot protection. All these tests are conducted by national authorized test centers such as the Swedish SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Below are the test results and classifications that these products have obtained so far.

Treated Pine:

EN 113 carried out by SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås on OrganoWood®-modified pine wood gave natural durability class 1 according to EN 350-1. For more information regarding classifications and test results, please contact OrganoWood.

Technical data OrganoWood 01. Protection
  • Product Data Sheet
Technical data OrganoWood 02. Repellent
Technical data OrganoWood 03. Cleaner