Timber with a biocide-free formulation. A natural and sustainable choice!

OrganoWood® Nowa decking timber has a natural colouring and a smooth, even surface that greys naturally over time outdoors.

The timber is pressure treated with OrganoWood’s new patented formulation to give it outstanding resistance to rot. The biocide-free formulation used in the energy-efficient process is gentle on the wood and makes it inhospitable to wood decay fungi.

The water-based mix of minerals is forced into the wood under pressure. When the water evaporates, the molecules form strong bonds with the wood fibres. This ensures a long life for the properties of the wood in damp conditions.

Inre Hamnen, Norrköping 2023. Photo: Sofia Andersson, FotograFia

The raw material

The raw material for OrganoWood® Nowa decking timber is made from high-quality pine sourced from the best pine forest regions. OrganoWood® Nowa is the result of the company’s innovation efforts that were launched in 2015 and has been tested since 2017.

The patented formulation

The patented formulation and eco-friendly manufacturing process offer a sustainable alternative to traditional decking timber, with the focus on delivering environmental benefits! OrganoWood® Nowa not only offers an alternative that is better for the environment, it also blends in well with the natural surroundings. Perfect for creating attractive and harmonious outdoor spaces that will age with dignity, without having any negative impact on the environment!

Environmental performance

OrganoWood® Nowa is formulated without the use of any harmful substances to withstand harsh environments. All substances are classed as non-hazardous to the environment under the definition of the CLP Regulation and can be returned to the natural cycle. It is therefore possible for timber from OrganoWood® to be recycled as untreated timber, unlike traditional pressure-treated products that may be environmentally hazardous waste.

Swedish OrganoWood® is one of the few producers of environmentally-certified pressure treatment preservative for cladding, decking and construction timber.

Obviously, for OrganoWood® Nowa to be seen as a truly sustainable option, it is also essential that the raw material is sourced from responsibly managed forests. All timber from OrganoWood® has been certified as meeting FSC® (SAI-COC-010929)- or PEFC® (05-35-168) certified.

Areas of use

OrganoWood® Nowa is suitable for outdoor, above-ground use, such as decks, jetties, fences, bridges, roof terraces, walkways, garden furniture, acoustic fence panelling, pergolas, playgrounds, etc.

Inre Hamnen, Norrköping 2023. Photo: Sofia Andersson, FotograFia