Tests & certificates

2013 an independent study was launched of different types of decking material and surface treatments by RISE (SP) and the Highways department in Malmö Stad. The aim was to compare performance by studying, among others, attack by microorganisms, crack formation and material deformation. The test indicates good sustainability in exposed environments.

Rot protection
Timber from OrganoWood® has well-documented rot protection, tested in the Rot protection test SS-EN 113. For natural sustainability according to SS-EN 350, OrganoWood® received class 1 i.e. highest sustainability.

Solar reflectance Index (SRI)
The so-called “Cool Roof” technology strives for a high SRI value, to keep heat transfer to buildings low and with that save costs related to cooling requirements. In addition it reduces the risk of creating urban heat islands. Light reflection and storage capacity are weighed together to a value on a scale 0-100. OrganoWood® received in the RISE (SP) test ASTM E1980-11 an SRI of 82.4 which is a very good value.

All timber from OrganoWood is FSC® (SAI-COC-010929)- or PEFC® (05-35-168) certified.