Environmentally classified, high quality timber

OrganoWood® is environmentally classified wood modified with silicon that gives a long life and a beautiful silver grey hue. The patented technology give the timber rot protection, creates a water repellent surface and improves the flame protection.

OrganoWood® withstands harsh environments and takes on a beautiful silver grey hue when exposed to the weather and wind. The timber is available as decking and construction timber as well as facade panels with a wide range of profiles.

Home owners, architects, builders and municipalities, to name but a few, are all attracted by the environmental profile and silver grey hue of OrganoWood®.

The unique OrganoWood® technology has been developed with inspiration from the natural fossilization process where minerals penetrate and mineralise organic materials. Technology is based on scientific breakthroughs in methods for modifying biofibres. Using the technology, silicon substances are bound to the wood fibres under high pressure in the same way as usual pressure impregnation. Penetration of the liquid occurs in the sapwood to create optimal protection. The patented modification of the timber gives an environmentally classified timber and creates and environment where wood-decay fungi do not thrive.

OrganoWood® timber is approved for the construction of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled houses and buildings.