Environmentally classified

OrganoWood® modified timber has been developed to withstand highly exposed environments by employing a technology inspired from the natural fossilization process where minerals penetrate and mineralise organic materials. All substances in the products from OrganoWood® are classified as environment-friendly according to the CLP Regulation (EC no. 1272/2008) and can be returned to the natural cycle. So the timber does not need to be recycled as environmentally hazardous waste, but can be recycled as untreated timber according to local regulations.

OrganoWood’s wood preservative products were the first wood preservative products in Sweden to be awarded the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s (SSNC) eco-label “Good Environmental Choice”.

OrganoWood® modified timber is assessed by SundaHus and recommended by Byggvarubedömningen. The products are registered in the BASTA registry.

The technology used during the production of OrganoWood® was, among others, chosen as Sweden’s best Environmental Innovation 2008 and was awarded Nordberg’s “Hottest material news” 2014. The Group was elected “Climate Solver” by the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF 2010 and as a “Sustainia 100 company” 2015.