Many municipalities make higher demands in terms of environmental classifications when it comes to schools attended by children. OrganoWood® has been a natural choice in many new schools to ensure these requirements are met.

SISAB (Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB) is leading within school properties in Stockholm where they own and administer approximately 600 schools in the Stockholm region. According to SISAB, all new production since January 2014 must be certified according to Miljöbyggnad, certificate Silver. As a long-term player and community builder it is self-evident for SISAB to participate in different ways in the development of a climate smart society with sustainable learning environments, states SISAB on its website.


1: Forskaren Preschool
2: Lilla Alby School
3: Ullna Strand Preschool
4: Frösundavik Preschool
5: Forskaren Preschool
6: Kastanjen Preschool