OrganoWood collaborates with several reputable partners who stand for high quality, safeguarding the environment and who have a passion for wood. We work closely with a number of sub-suppliers and customers.

PO Hiller

According to old document, P.O. Hiller Trävaror AB originates from the 16th century. When steam power cam to industry, a steam machine was acquired and the saw became the first steam-powered sawmill in Västmanland. The investment in steam power also resulted in the early investment in planers. Today, P.O. Hiller Trävaror AB is an out-and-out wood industry company that planes, paints and cuts wood products such as exterior panels interior panels, mouldings, and solid wood flooring.

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Bergs Timber Bitus

Bergs Timber Bitus is Sweden’s largest wood treatment facility. They pressure impregnate about 150,000 – 200,000 m3 timber per year and have a modern painting and surface treatment plant. In addition to traditional pressure impregnated products, Bergs Timber Bitus offers a wide range of special products manufactured on a number of small production lines. At the beginning of 2012, OrganoWood in collaboration with Bergs Timber Bitus, started a production line for the manufacture of OrganoWood® modified wood and since the spring of 2012 has manufactured this on behalf of OrganoWood.

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Setra is one of Sweden’s largest wood industry companies with some 800 employees. They refine raw material from responsibly used forests and offers climate-friendly products and solutions for construction and housing on a global market. The Setra group comprises eight sawmills and three processing units.

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Welin & Co

Welin & Co is a supplier and distributor of high quality, wood treatment products. In 2015 a collaboration between OrganoWood and Welin & Co was entered into for the distribution and sales of OrganoWood’s wood preservation products on the Swedish market.

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Fellessons is a third generation wood trader with many years of experience of wood products. Their activities encompass everything from processing in planing and carpentry to extensive trade with wood products and construction materials.

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Munktorps Träförädling

Munktorps Träförädling AB is a planning mill that works primarily with exterior panels, battens and tongued and grooved wood products. They produce special products in most dimensions in spruce, pine (also heartwood) and larch as required. They have a capacity of approximately 35,000 m3 planed wood products per year during a single shift.

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OrganoClick AB is a company that develops, manufactures and markets environmentally-friendly products for the functionalization of cellulose based materials. The company’s products are based on their patented technology platform for the modification of biofibres that has origins in research performed at Stockholm University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. Products that the company markets are, among others, solutions to manufacture water resistant paper and textiles, additives that give increased mechanical strength in paper based packaging and new bio-based binder for non-woven materials.

The company is owned by the founders: CEO Mårten Hellberg, professor Armando Córdova, senior lecturer Jonas Hafrén and the incubator company Serendipity Innovations together with the financier and industrialist Anders Wall, Tetra Paks’ former group managing director Bertil Hagman and Tetra Paks’ and then SCA Hygiene Products former head of technology Claes-Göran Beckeman.

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