OrganoClick AB

OrganoClick AB is a company that develops, manufactures and markets environmentally-friendly products for the functionalization of cellulose based materials. The company’s products are based on their patented technology platform for the modification of biofibres that has origins in research performed at Stockholm University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. Products that the company markets are, among others, solutions to manufacture water resistant paper and textiles, additives that give increased mechanical strength in paper based packaging and new bio-based binder for non-woven materials.

The company is owned by the founders: CEO Mårten Hellberg, professor Armando Córdova, senior lecturer Jonas Hafrén and the incubator company Serendipity Innovations together with the financier and industrialist Anders Wall, Tetra Paks’ former group managing director Bertil Hagman and Tetra Paks’ and then SCA Hygiene Products former head of technology Claes-Göran Beckeman.

If you would like more information about OrganoClick, please visit their website.

Kvigos AB

Kvigos AB is owned by the financier Robert Charpentier who has a long background within banking and finance. He has held leading positions at Goldman Sachs, Swedbank and as CEO of Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB to name but a few. At Kvigos AB, Robert currently acts as a consultant to smaller companies based on his many years of experience within investment banking and invests and participates in the development of growth companies primarily within marketing and sales.