BRF Etaget

The housing association Etaget is a characterful property on Västra Kungsholmen that has chosen to cooperate with some of the country’s most prominent architects with the aim of creating carefully designed homes for simpler, more comfortable and more aesthetically attractive everyday use. Kjellander + Sjöberg who designed the house were inspired by the work process of New Museum in New York and has had an pronounced focus on sustainability.

On all roof terraces they have used OrganoWood® for a series of great reasons. The landscape architects Urbio AB stated, among others, that they had the demand to show that the project would not load the environment more than necessary. After twisting and turning environmental aspects, perception aspects and economy it was finally decided that OrganoWood® was the right product on the roof terrace. The wood takes on a silver surface quite quickly which appealed to the architects, and in combination with the feeling of not spreading nasty leachate meant the decision to move forward with OrganoWood® was easily made.

An additional positive effect OrganoWood® timber has on the roof terraces is that they prevent urban heat islands as the timber provides high reflectance of the sun’s UV rays. Read more about SRI and urban heat islands under tests & certificates.


Project: BRF Etaget
Location: Kungsholmen
Completed: 2017
Pictures taken: 2018
Landscape Architect: Urbio AB