Aarhus Harbor Bath

Almost 40,000 meters of OrganoWood® has now resulted in the world’s biggest harbour pool in wood. The construction became a huge success for the residents of Aarhus as they got a greater accessibility to the cooling sea during the summer heat.

Aarhus Harbour Pool is an extension of the architecture office Bjarke Ingel Groups ongoing development plan for Aarhus new neighbourhood called 04. The primary vision for the new neighbourhood is to create a lively and versatile urban area with canals, harbour pools, a modern city park and a dynamic marine environment, says Aarhus municipality. Families, children and tourist who visit the harbour pool will engage in a safe environment since all substances in OrganoWood® products are classified as harmless to health and environment according to the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

BIG describes that, similar to their first harbour pool in Copenhagen from 2002 which has come to define the Danish capital as one of the most livable cities in the world, Aarhus harbour pool and adjacent beach bath will provide new ways for the public to enjoy the water in all seasons. Together with urban life expert Jan Gegl, their strategy was to create a framework for maximum amount of life with the minimum amount of built substance, says BIG. The visitors can enjoy a circular diving pool, the 50m long swimming pool or the two saunas located under the public boardwalk.

In front of the bath, there is a series of restaurants, a children’s theatre and other public-oriented activities that together create a diversity in the public area. Aarhus Harbour Pool provide residents and visitors a more engaging and adventurous quay experience by being an extension of the public domain. BIG points out that the water now breathes new life into an area historically reserved for industrial purposes.


Project: Aarhus Harbor Bath
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Finished: 2018
Pictures taken: 2018