Natural colored wood aging naturally

The modified timber will age as normal timber and will become silver grey over time. How fast this greyness process takes may vary greatly where it has been placed, facing which direction and how exposed it is directly to the weather. Generally speaking the sapwood will become grey faster than the heartwood due its increased natural absorption of moist and water. In order to enjoy a more even greyness process and decrease the risk of surface fiber loss it is recommendable to treat the timber with OrganoWood 02 Repellent that decreases the absorption of moist and water in the sapwood thus smoothing the difference between the sap- and hearwood. This effect can be seen in the OrganoWood®-modified timber Plus that has been impregnated with the OrganoWood 02 Repellent already at the factory. To see the aging process of OrganoWood®-modified timber please see the attached slideshow.