OrganoWood’s patented technology has been developed and inspired by the natural fossilization process whereby organic materials such as wood are being transformed into fossils. During fossilization natural substances such as calcium or silicon compounds are penetrating into the wood fibers and transform them into stone.

Through the use of OrganoClick’s environmentally friendly technology for modification of bio-fibers in which natural plant substances are used as organic catalysts, silicon compounds are attached to the wood fibers, which mimic and accelerate the natural process of fossilization. Wood treated with OrganoWood is therefore about 10% fossil and 90% wood.

The fossilization occurs primarily on the surface of the wood encapsulating the wood fibers making them inaccessible for rot fungus. Hence, the fungi do not die as in the case of using traditional wood preservatives containing biocides. Instead, a new physical barrier is created rendering it impossible for fungi to eat the fibers.