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OrganoWood offers the next generation of environmentally friendly wood protection to fire and fungal attacks. Through its proprietary technology which mimics the natural fossilization process, the wood is modified by the attachment of protective silicon compounds to the wood fibers. 

The company supplies both ready-to-use OrganoWood®-modified wood and liquid products for own application. Wood free from both biocides and heavy metals which neither burn nor rot is now possible with OrganoWood®.

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OrganoWood modified timber is the Eco-safe option in achieving an effective protection against rot and fire. 


OrganoWood's unic dirt and water-repellent technology forms a super- hydrophobic surface to the treated wood. 

Århus Havsbad

Århus Havsbad, Danmark - byggs med 32 500 meter trä från OrganoWood.

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