Construction timber

Construction timber and studs for an environmentally classified structure

OrganoWood® construction timber is used for indoor and outdoor structures above ground. The rot protection has been tested by RISE (SP) in the European test EN 113. Studs are ideally used during the construction of timber decking together with OrganoWood® Decking.


OrganoWood® construction timber has a 10-year rot protection warranty (see the warranty certificate). For additional technical specifications, see the product’s product sheet.

Environment and recycling

OrganoWood® construction timber is an environmentally classified and alternative to traditional pressure impregnated timber. Stud timber contains only substances that can be returned to the natural cycle. So the timber does not need to be recycled as environmentally hazardous waste, but can be recycled as untreated timber according to local regulations. All substances in the stud timber are classified as environment-friendly according to the CLP Regulation (EC no. 1272/2008).

OrganoWood® decking timber is listed in the Nordic Swan’s house product portal and can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled projects.

OrganoWood® Studs
45×45 mm
45×70 mm
45×95 mm
45×120 mm, C24
45×145 mm, C24
45×170 mm, C24
45×195 mm, C24
45×220 mm, C24

OrganoWood® Posts
70×70 mm
95×95 mm

OrganoWood® Batten
28×45 mm

Other dimensions manufactured to order.

Product Data Sheet