02. Repellent

Wood preservative against the weather and wind and a more beautiful wood
OrganoWood® 02. Repellent: Dirt and water repellent is a water based wood preservative product developed to improve the wood’s exterior protection against dirt and water. The product consists of silicon minerals and natural plant substances. When the liquid cures an extremely water repellent (superhydrophobic) surface is created around the wood fibres, which reduces the penetration of moisture, water and waterborne dirt. Furthermore, the timber’s moisture movement decreases, which counteracts crack formation and results in a more even greying process.

Application areas
OrganoWood® 02. is easily absorbed by untreated wood materials, OrganoWood® timber and timber treated with OrganoWood® 01. Protection: Flame and rot protection. The product has been especially developed for surface treatment and maintenance of OrganoWood® timber. The product can also be used on other timber, for example, traditional pressure impregnated, larch and heartwood. The treated wood receives an outer protection and in combination with OrganoWood® 01. creates complete wood protection.

OrganoWood® 02. Repellent: Dirt and water repellent is a water based emulsion with a white, milky appearance that does not colour the timber during treatment. In time it allows the timber to age and grey naturally until it takes on a beautiful silver grey hue.

Environment and sustainability
OrganoWood® 02. Repellent: Dirt and water repellent contains only substances that can be returned to the natural cycle. The product is environmentally classified B by SundaHus and recommended by Byggvarubedömningen and BASTA. For more information about each product’s sustainability, application and technical specifications, see the product’s product sheet.

OrganoWood® 02. Repellent is listed in the Nordic Swan’s house product portal and can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled projects.

If you have any questions about OrganoWood® 02. Repellent, please contact our distributor Osmo UK.

Product Data Sheet