In the service of nature

Facts about wood

Pine is a soft wood that has many advantages as it is easy to work with and has a low density. OrganoWood® modified wood is dried to an approximate 18% moisture ratio, which makes it easier than traditionally treated timber that is used outdoors.

OrganoWood® technology is adapted for modification of pine and spruce. Pine is traditionally used for patios/structures and spruce for panels. These woods contain knots with a structure that can appear differently from piece to piece. As both pine and spruce move in relation to the air’s moisture ratio and temperature, cracks can occur after installation and the knots can fall out usually during dry periods. Any cracks usually close up when the they become moist.

Timber that is placed outdoors turns grey naturally but the greying process can appear differently during the seasons and depending on the weather conditions. In some cases the greying may initially be perceived as speckled or as small grey spots, but this evens out relatively quickly. After about 1 year an OrganoWood® modified timber that is placed outdoors in direct sunlight will have taken on an even grey finish. In shadow this may take longer, but the end result is the same. Wood installed horizontally often has a faster greying process than wood installed vertically.

One effect that can occur on all timber placed outdoors and ages is so-called furring (“fibre fuzz”). This is primarily occurring in heavily, sun-exposed environments when the lignin, which binds the timber’s fibres, are broken down by the sun’s UV radiation. Furring is a completely natural process in the timber’s “cycle” and does not affect the characteristics of the timber. This is a phenomenon that diminishes over time. If superficial fibre fuzz occurs, this should be sanded using a fine sandpaper or brush off the fibres when the patio is dry and treated with OrganoWood® 02. Repellent.

Pine swells/shrinks approx. 1% at 4% moisture ratio change. Therefore ensure that there is an air gap during installation.