OrganoWood enter distribution agreements for the Benelux market

OrganoWood manufactures and markets eco-friendly fire and rot protected wood and wood treatment products.OrganoWood has now entered into a sales and distribution agreement with Osmo Nederland B.V. for the Benelux market (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). The agreement is valid for Osmo Nederland B.V. to sell and distribute OrganoWood®s products for surface treatment of wood.

OrganoWood®s wood products have been manufactured and marketed in Sweden since 2011.

The OrganoWood® wood protection system consists of 3 products:

~         OrganoWood® 01. Protection: Rot & Flame protection.

~         OrganoWood® 02. Träskydd : Super hydrophobic Dirt & Water repellent protection.

~         OrganoWood® 03. Trärengöring: Organic Wood Cleaner.

OrganoWood®s wood products were the first wood products in Sweden to be awarded the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation environmental labeling "Good Environmental Choice".

Currently OrganoWood has distribution agreements for its wood protection system in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and now also in the Benelux countries. This has proven to be an expansion strategy that works very well.

"We are very selective when choosing distributors internationally. They are very important partners for us and a key part of our international expansion strategy. We are really looking forward to see what Osmo Netherlands can contribute to this expansion."says Jens Hamlin, CEO OrganoWood AB.

The agreement with Osmo Nederland B.V. is a three-year contract.