Rot resistant beams of high quality

OrganoWood beams are to be used in indoor or outdoor application above ground, for example, balconies, bridges, decking, etc. Rot protection has been tested by SP – Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in Europe test according to EN 113. The beams are recommended to be used in connection with OrganoWood Decking. OrganoWood®-modified decking also has a harder surface than a plain pine. This means that the surface has a longer life and a higher resistance to mechanical wear. Silicon substances are strongly bounded to the timber during the process. These new properties will remain even after long-term use in rainy and/or humid environments. Moreover, no timber is classified as hazardous waste, which facilitates handling during recycling.

OrganoWood®-modified wood has undergone several authorized third-party tests. The timber has been tested by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in accordance with EN 113.